While every care is taken to avoid damage occasionally, and some times through no fault of our own, this can occur. For that reason we offer a comprehensive insurance cover for household goods intransit and storage as detailed below.

Full cover "all risks" transit insurance

This insurance covers you against "all risks" and is for protection during the physical moving of your furniture from your property onto a vehicle, travel to your new residence or storage facility and the removal of the goods from the moving van at destination.

Storage insurance

Storage insurance covers your furniture in storage for such risks as fire, flood or earthquake damage and is an add on to the above transit insurance which when used together gives total cover from day one until delivery to your new home.

Disaster only cover

This insurance covers you only in the case of total loss of the insured goods, such as in the event of a fire and is less expensive than "all risks" insurance. Contact us for more information on this cover.

Self insuring

As the owner of the goods you may choose to shop around or insure elsewhere. We recommend you contact your own insurance company and discuss your situation with them, they may offer competitive rates for loyal and long term customers. Often insurers will carry household contents cover over whilst their customers have goods stored at an approved facility.
Owners risk
Insuring at "owners risk" means that the owner of the goods chooses to take any risk upon themselves.

As with most insurance policies there is an excess payable should you wish to make a claim. Claims need to be lodged in writing within 7 days of delivery.


Please contact us for information on the costs involved.



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