MOVING CHECKLIST Moving checksheet

Have you notified change of address to?


The Post Office  for mail redirection 


The Electoral Register      


The Inland Revenue Deparment      


Police Department if you have a firearms licence     


Driver Licensing     


Sky or pay T.V provider  


Your (Life/Car/Contents/Home/Health) insurance company


Your bank and credit card companies


The childrens school


Your doctor and dentist


The local council (Rates)


Your solicitors


Your church


Relatives and friends


Any publications you subscribe to


Stores where you have charge accounts


Club memberships



Have you discontinued these services?


Milk delivery
Newspaper delivery
Gas and electricity

Have you also?

Defrosted your fridge and freezer


Disconnected your washing machine


Had any LPG cylinders purged and certified for transport


Put aside any items you do not wish to take


Returned any library books


Removed any fixtures and fittings from walls


Drained fuel from mowers etc where possible


Collected any laundry from drycleaners


Arranged someone to look after your children or pets


Put personal items, money, jewellery, travel documents, etc aside


Set aside a few toys for the children


Cleared the garage or shed of unwanted items and rubbish

Before you leave

Check nothing is left in any rooms, cupboards, the attic, basement or shed


Turn off the power and water heating


Turn off any gas taps


Check all windows and doors are locked


Leave a forwarding address for the new owners


Surrender any house keys







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